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kyra_madville [userpic]

My Full Catalog

February 2nd, 2006 (05:15 pm)

Posted Here: http://dsmeet.com/catalog/kyra_madville/
55.65% complete [886/1592]

I'm Number 6 on the Completed Catalog Top 30 on dsmeet.com .

Check out my catalog if you need me to order you anything. Either trade me something you don't see in my catalog around the same price or give me Nook's price for it. The price is posted next to the item.

I will not trade or sell anything that is "Not Selling" at Nook's.

But I do have an extra box of tissues that I am willing to sell for 300k Bells or trade for something "Not Selling" at Tom Nook's that I haven't aquired yet. (It's 1 Million in the Savings Account to get this). But you can name your price. I really want some K.K. Songs 'cuz I keep forgetting to go to the Cafe on Saturdays. Also if you have both Seismo Chest and Tail.

By the way, I made 1 Million last night. I haven't given my 500k bells to Ponks yet. Haven't seen her. :( I miss you AC:WW:BFF!! :P

I got the box of tissue for myself last night and then I took all those bells and put it in my second character's savings account, and got the extra tissue box. Just in case you're wondering how I got 2.

kyra_madville [userpic]


January 31st, 2006 (02:09 pm)

Ok. I think I've made good friends with 4 pple who are also in each other's friend roster.
Ponks from Azkaban, Boing from Cotewood, Ryouko from Reisling, Sao from Cataevra, and I, Kyra from Madville

I've decided I can't come up with 999,999,999 Bells ever! My idea is here:

To make things easier & faster 999,999,999 + 1= 1,000,000,000

1,000,000,000 divided by 5= 200,000,000 Bells

So if we put all our money in together, we'd be able to get the Town Model. Please comment if you want to do just the 5 of us. Or if you decline.

If we added 5 more pple its 100,000,000 although where are we gonna find 5 more pple that we all trust. Athough that's a little sketchy. But by the time 10 of us who are in the same friend roster, we all probably be good friends by then right? Please comment if you want to do this. I also have 2 real life friends that I definetly trust and might be able to join us, although they're not on Wifi as much.

Ok... For the 5 of us, we can help each other get the other Savings Account prizes as well.

Well the box of tissues. Who ever one of you who hasn't had it yet, I can come up with 500k in a week. So if you have 500k next week I can lend you my 500k so u can get the Box of Tissues. The 500k that I have now is for Ponks! I'm ready to give it to you! I know I trust Ponks! I know Ponks has it. Who doesn't have it yet, you and I can get it for each other. Comment here if you want to do this with me.

For the Piggy Bank: 10 Million/10,000,000 Bells

That's 2 Million/2,000,000 each. If you want to do join the quest for 999,999,999 you should be able to join us on these as well. Just make a post, announcing you earned 2 Million and everyone will announce it as well or comment. (if we have 10 pple, its only 1 Million)
5pple= 2 Million Bells each
10pple= 1 Million Bells each

Whoever earned it first will go first, Second goes next and so on and so on. But all of us has to drop the bells off at the First person's town. Then the first person will deliver all the bells (will take a lot of trips, unless we go back to that person's town to help him/her to deliver it to the next person's town.)
Remember there's only 4 pple in a town at once. To lessen the confusion, put each person's bells in your Savings Account one by one. So you can make sure they delivered the right amount of bells.

By the way, hoping it turns out ok, we don't have to worry about.

Returning bells is to go back to the last person's town and pick up the amount of bells you gave.

For Pelly's Pic: 100 Million/100,000,000 Bells
5 pple: 20 Million/20,000,000 Bells each
10 pple: 10 Million/10,000,000 Bells each

For Phyllis's Pic: 500 Million/500,000,000 Bells
5 pple: 100 Million/100,000,000 Bells each
10 pple: 50 Million/50,000,000 Bells each

For Town Model: 999,999,999 or to make it easier 1 Billion/1,000,000,000 Bells
5 pple: 200 Million/200,000,000 Bells each
10 pple: 100 Million/100,000,000 Bells each

Soooo what do you guys think?? We can always add the 5 other pple after we get Phyllis Pic, so that the next week we'd get the the Town Model? Comment please with your idea or suggestions. The Pro's and Con's.

This is only an idea My feelings will not be hurt what-so-ever if you guys don't want to do this. Just an idea.

kyra_madville [userpic]

I dunno what happened but I'm having bad luck!!!

January 23rd, 2006 (07:19 pm)

So the past 2 days I've noticed I haven't been fishing great like I usually do. I used to get stringfish every day or at least 3 tunas a day! Now I'm lucky when I get a football fish, when before that was my usual fish. I dunno what happened!!

Then last night, I got my own bottle mail!!! Then today, I shot down a floating present and it freakin' fell in the damn river!!!! My character even made that shock expression (even though I don't have it on my emotions list).

Anyways, I finally got the lost kitten to Lein Air today! Finally! So happy now 'cuz I was sick of her! I never want the lost kitten ever!(Just Kidding) Or I'm just gonna delete a whole bunch of pple off my friends list that I never see. 'Cuz I do not want that to happen again!!

Congrats to Ponks on her perfect town! It is day 4 of a perfect Madville. LOL. I should start a business fixing everyone's town for a fee! LOL. Sike! That's too much pressure. I can't wait to get the damn golden watering can!

I'll start my hybrids then! I'm so scared to plant new flowers 'cuz now I know that if there's a certain area with too many flowers, Pelly or Phyllis will say there's too many trees. A lesson from Azkaban.

Just to let everyone know, I will be on at 3am (EST). See you guys then! (or not, I know I'm an overnight player)

kyra_madville [userpic]

I didn't see Tortomir today!!!

January 22nd, 2006 (05:08 pm)

Wanna know my comment to him for Yay Day? "You suck!" LOL. I'm just kidding. Anyway, I didn't get the massage chair in the mail yet anyway!!!

So I got my HRA score today and got a score of 205,644!!! Whooo! I got the two-story model! Yay!

I also updated my furniture, wall, and carpet list from my catalog if you guys want to check out the list.

I went to Ponks' town to help her with planting trees and flowers. She wants a perfect town like me! I can't believe I actually made my town perfect so fast even without the golden axe. I can't wait to get that golden watering can!

So the crying kitty is still at my town. Can't seem to contact Katie from Lein Air. Sucks! If anyone sees her let me know!

kyra_madville [userpic]

Happy Room Academy Scores (Will Be Updating. Keep Watching for them)

January 22nd, 2006 (05:05 pm)

1st Letter: Welcome Letter
2nd Letter: 19,685
3rd Letter: 19,881
4th Letter: 43,094
5th Letter: 49,995
6th Letter: 119,556
7th Letter: 205,644*

*(means it's the latest)

kyra_madville [userpic]

My Catalog: Wallpaper (Will Keep Updating So Keep An Eye Out)

January 22nd, 2006 (04:55 pm)

Wallpaper: 45/63

exotic wall
lovely wall
classic wall
ranch wall
blue wall
modern wall
regal wall
green wall
cabin wall
snowman wall
backyard fence
playroom wall
lab wall
pastel dot wall
parlor wall
mod wall
groovy wall
mosaic wall
blue-trim wall
plaster wall
chic wall
ornate wall
citrus wall
rose wall
old brick wall
stone wall
concrete wall
shanty wall
floral wall
manor wall
plaza wall
lattice wall
stately wall
imperial wall
bamboo wall
ivy wall
Persian wall
libery wall
fairy tale wall
illusion wall
meadow vista
desert vista
chainlink fence
cityscape wall
common wall

I cannot sell or trade items that is not sold at Nook's. Sorry, I am keeping everything that is considered rare no matter the amount you're trying to buy it for.

kyra_madville [userpic]

My Catalog: Floors (Will Keep Updating So Keep An Eye Out)

January 22nd, 2006 (04:50 pm)

Carpet: 40/63

exotic rug
lovely carpet
classic carpet
ranch flooring
cabana flooring
blue flooring
modern tile
regal carpet
green rug
kiddie carpet
backyard lawn
playroom rug
lab floor
pastel dot rug
checkered tile
ceramic tile
diner tile
red tile
mosaic tile
palace tile
imperial tile
kitchen tile
slate flooring
parquet floor
opulent rug
plush carpet
ornate rug
fancy carpet
Persian rug
tartan rug
cowhide rug
birch flooring
old flooring
bamboo flooring
steel flooring
fairy tale
cloud flooring
common floor

I cannot sell or trade items that is not sold at Nook's. Sorry, I am keeping everything that is considered rare no matter the amount you're trying to buy it for.

kyra_madville [userpic]

My Catalog: Furniture (Will Keep Updating So Keep An Eye Out)

January 22nd, 2006 (04:46 pm)

Furniture 305/562:

exotic bed
exotic beauru
exotic wardrobe
exotic bench
exotic chair
exotic table
exotic end table
exotic lamp
exotic screen
exotic chest
ranch wardrobe
ranch table
ranch tea table
ranch bookcase
classic bed
classic vanity
classic wardrobe
classic chair
classic sofa
classic table
classic bookcase
classic buffet
classic desk
classic clock
regal dresser
regal armoire
regal sofa
regal table
regal bookcase
regal vanity
blue bureau
blue bookcase
blue cabinet
cabana wardrobe
cabana table
cabana lamp
cabana bookcase
cabana vanity
cabana screen
cabana bed
green bed
green dresser
green wardrobe
green chair
green bench
green table
green desk
green lamp
green counter
green pantry
cabin wardrobe
cabin low table
modern bed
modern dresser
modern wardrobe
modern chair
modern sofa
modern end table
modern desk
modern table
modern cabinet
modern lamp
kiddie dresser
kiddie chair
kiddie table
kiddie bureau
lovely bed
lovely chair
lovely loveseat
lovely end table
lovely lamp
snowman bed
snowman wardrobe
snowman table
snowman fridge
snowman TV
cow skull
desert cactus
western fence
watering trough
wagon wheel
lunar lander
Spaceman Sam
space station
detour arrow
iron frame
traffic cone
wet roadway sign
striped cone
brown drum
red drum
haz-mat barrel
boxing barricade
blue corner
judge's bell
boxing mat
ringside table
weight bench
Mrs. Flamingo
bug zapper
bird feeder
tiki torch
train set
lab bench
lab chair
Florence flask
ship cannon
black pawn
black bishop
black king
white pawn
white bishop
hamster cage
anatomical model
vision tester
trunk measure
writing desk
office locker
checkout counter
giant dharma
Mama bear
Baby bear
round cactus
blue golf bag
white golf bag
green golf bag
red sofa
bear pole
raven pole
blue lava lamp
purple lava lamp
samurai suit
ninja sword
deer scare
Master Sword
tea vase
lucky cat
left lucky cat
lucky black cat
lucky gold cat
grapefruit table
lemon table
pear wardrobe
melon chair
watermelon table
apple clock
froggy chair
pine chair
tulip table
iris chair
daffodil chair
daffodil table
conga drum
metal guitar
ebony piano
Japanese drum
biwa lute
garbage pail
garbage can
trash bin
Corinthian post
broken post
tennis table
basketball hoop
ball return
billiard table
pinball machine
arcade machine
mountain bike
propane stove
sleeping bag
holly bonsai
azalea bonsai
maple bonsai
quince bonsai
jasmine bonsai
coconut palm
rubber tree
weeping fig
retro TV
deluxe range
retro fridge
wave breaker
Diver Dan
beach table
life ring
men's toilet
pink box
blue box
beige box
deluxe washer
automatic washer
potbelly stove
space heater
CD player
gold stereo
hi-fi stereo
white boom box
red boom box
high-end stereo
tape deck
antique clock
odd clock
glow clock
owl clock
alarm clock
ruby econo-chair
gold econo-chair
gas pump
fire hydrant
racoon figurine
big festive tree
festive tree
Nintendo bench
glass-top table
creams sofa
clothes closet
massage chair
bottled ship
water bird
mochi pestle
sewing machine
cardboard box
wooden box
miniature car
table lamp
festive candle
music box
one-story model
two-story model
Nook's Cranny
fish trophy
basic red bed
basic yellow bed
basic green bed
solemn painting
quaint painting
nice painting
flowery painting
opulent painting

Not included in the catalog but I have them


I cannot sell or trade items that is not sold at Nook's. Sorry, I am keeping everything that is considered rare no matter the amount you're trying to buy it for.

kyra_madville [userpic]

Looking for Classic Wall

January 17th, 2006 (05:40 pm)

Name: Kyra
Town: Madville
Code: 4338-5443-2772
Fruits: cherries (native), pears, peaches, oranges, apples and coconuts
Store: Nookington
Peak Times: Around 1am to 4am Eastern Standard Time. Or 11am or 12(noon) to 2pm Eastern Standard Time. (But this is not guaranteed. I'm on other times randomly. And most of the time I'm visiting other towns.) My work schedule varies, sometimes its 4pm to 12:30 or 6pm to 2am. So I go on like a few hours before and after work.
Collecting: Exotic (completed!), Classic, Modern, and Cabana

Does anyone have the Classic Wall? I just need to hold it and I'll give it back. I'll just order it in my catalog. I have completed the Exotic Series and the Classic furniture (and all I need is the classic wall to complete the Classic Series.) I'll let you hold whatever you want in exchange of letting me hold the Classic Wall (unless you're generous and let me have it).

I won't be able to go on WFC til after 1am (not exact time) 3am so whoever is willing to let me hold it, can you have your gates open for a little bit at 1am 3am and let me know what to bring or I can go there and then I'll open my gates for you? Whatever you want to do. My Catalog 1/13/06 (Sorry its not updated)

I'm a little broke so I don't have many bells since I just finished paying the 728,000 bells for the morgage. I didn't do any fishing because I was too busy trying to re-decorate my house.

kyra_madville [userpic]

My Friend Code

January 10th, 2006 (05:27 pm)

Name: Kyra
Town: Madville
Code: 4338-5443-2772
Fruits: cherries (native), pears, peaches, oranges, apples and coconuts
Store: Nookington
Peak Times: Around 1am to 4am Eastern Standard Time. Or 11am or 12(noon) to 2pm Eastern Standard Time. (But this is not guaranteed. I'm on other times randomly. And most of the time I'm visiting other towns.)
Collecting: Exotic (completed!), Classic, & Cabana

kyra_madville is also my AC:WW journal. I update it with my full catalog list (not finished though). If you'd like anything from my catalog, I've already sold them to Nook unless you see it in my house, I only ask for how much it is to order it in the catalog. But if you see something in my house, I'll let you hold it, but if I see something in your house, I ask only for you to treat me the same.

Do Not Abuse any of my neighbors. I love all of them. Do not try to steal them either!
Do Not Litter.
Do Not Cut Trees Down.
Do Not Pick Flowers. I'm too lazy to water plants so I buy flowers every day.
Only 2 Fruit Trees per person. Please do not take too many, I'm still waiting for my out of town fruits to grow so I can plant more)
Please leave fossils in front of my house, anything else you dig up you can keep. I'll let you keep fossils once I'm finished with the museum. Thank you.
Please cover holes after you dig.

Feel free to buy whatever you want at Nook's or Mabel & Sable's. I only open the gates after I've already bought my stuff.
Only Shake trees if they do not have fruits on them (unless you are taking fruit for your town).
But please do not pick them for profit. I am going to start cutting down trees once I get some fruit to plant and I need to know which are fruit trees. So try not to shake the fruit trees.

Please treat my town as if it were your own.

Please comment to add your code. I have a Sidekick 2 and my comments get emailed directly to my phone.

I really need people who are randomly on around 11am-2pm and during overnight.

Edit: Deciding to Post My Code Public

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